Research on migrant worker activities at known congregation spots and survey on take-up rate and effectiveness of DormWatch App

Ministry of Manpower (MOM)

Research on migrant worker activities at known congregation spots and survey on take-up rate and effectiveness of DormWatch App

Ministry of Manpower (MOM)

Position Level: Student Job

Qualification: Diploma, Bachelor's / Honours

Job Nature: Internship

Project details:

The interns will be assigned to one or more known migrant worker congregation areas. They will document migrant workers’ activities within these areas, through observation and interviews. The internship should yield an in-depth understanding of the nature of these congregation areas, and what attracts migrant workers there, despite the presence of alternatives like recreation centres and facilities within dormitories. The interns will also attempt to study the travelling patterns of migrant workers to and from these congregation areas. The end-product should provide a detailed understanding of the habits of migrant workers.

Concurrently, the interns will survey migrant workers to assess the take-up rate and effectiveness of the DormWatch App. This App allows migrant workers to report lapses in the standards of their dormitories, to the Ministry of Manpower. As this is a new app, we would like to gather feedback on how it can be improved to boost its usage among migrant worker residents in dormitories.

Learning Outcomes:

Interns will be assessed on the following attributes:

  • Professional standards and ethics at work
  • Ability to identify and gather pertinent information to accurately describe the human geography relating to the congregation areas
  • Verbal and written communications


  • Takes initiative to identify issues of interest which may be relevant to the project, even though it may not have been specifically assigned
  • Willingness to engage migrant workers in productive conversation
  • Resourcefulness
  • Good reading and writing skills
  • Good eye for detail

Company Overview

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