SP Katherine Soh

Company Profile

The AIA brand is a trusted household name, relied upon by generations of families and businesses in the region.
Our strength lies in its people, exceptional manufacturing and distribution platforms, extensive geographic footprint, superb operational efficiency and consistent profitability. The company has a consistently profitable track record in the region and in many of the markets where it operates, it is the number one life insurance company and the leading foreign insurer.
We strive to meet the protection, savings and investment needs of individuals by offering a comprehensive suite of products and services covering accident and health insurance, life insurance and retirement planning. We advise corporate clients on employee benefits, credit life and pension services.
We strongly believe that everyone needs to plan for a better financial future, which means they would require the services of a financial specialist! Our group of AIA Financial Services Consultants works as a team to help individuals excel in the financial advisory services industry and in life.
Currently we are offering basic pay up to $4,000* plus attractive commission, in addition to the basic pay.