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  • Category : Technician, Troubleshoot
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Perm)

To ensure prompt and timely pest control servicing at customers’ premises To provide good quality service to customers To carry out pest control inspections and treatments at customers’ premises and conduct treatments accordingly To subm
  • Category : Maintenance, Mechanical, Assembly/Process/Production
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

Role Summary: This role is responsible for designing, fabrication, testing, industrializing, and globalizing fixtures and tooling used in repair processes for the Global Repair Services (GRS) network. Essential Responsibilities: Respons
  • Category : IT-Administration, IT-Hardware, IT-Management, Troubleshoot
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Perm, Contract)

Management of the Firm’s IT systems Handling PC / Laptop support Software and hardware troubleshooting Support on desktops, laptops, printers, scanners, hardware components Rectify simple IT faults Liaise with external IT vendors Manage
  • Category : Mechanical
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

Role Summary: This role reports to the Rotor Cell Leader to drive product, quality, process and operations excellence. Essential Responsibilities: Responsibilities include but not limited to the following: Responsible for Rotor re
  • Category : Maintenance, Mechanical
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Perm)

Role Summary: The Process Engineer will be responsible for special processes. Special process include technology such as plasma spray and laser welding. Essential Responsibilities: Key responsibilities include (but are not limited to):
  • Category : Government Sector/Civil Service, Aerospace, Mechatronics, General Worker
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Perm)

As a Naval Warfare System Engineer, you will lead your team in keeping naval assets primed for action at all times, and apply your skills and deep engineering expertise to some of the world’s most advanced naval technology, which includes warships,
  • Category : Government Sector/Civil Service, Aerospace, General Worker, Security
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Perm)

The ACS works on board RSAF's advanced helicopters and transport aircraft. You will be in the thick of the action and armed with the skills to take on search-and-rescue missions, humanitarian assistance, deployment of troops to the frontline, and deli
  • Category : Government Sector/Civil Service, Aerospace, Maintenance, Troubleshoot
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Perm)

An Air Force Engineer (Maintenance) knows the importance of details. You will have the chance to work on the latest aviation and weapons technology, as well as be responsible for maintaining aircraft and weapon systems. Your specialisation in engineering
  • Category : Government Sector/Civil Service, General Worker, Security, Troubleshoot
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Perm)

An integral part of the aircrew, your role as an RSAF Flight Engineer involves flight inspection, maintenance servicing and rectification of the aircraft systems on board our CH-47 and C-130. With your expertise, you will contribute to the safe and swift
  • Category : Government Sector/Civil Service, Electrical/Electronics, Mechanical, Mechatronics
  • Job Nature : Entry, Student (Perm)

An Air Operations & Systems Expert is a multi-tasker. With strong air operations knowledge in utilising advanced integrated command and control equipment, you will use your expertise to support air operations as well as maintain network, electronic wa
  • Category : Building/Construction, Structural/Civil, Survey, Technician
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Perm)

You will be trained to: Plan, coordinate and implement survey activities using high precision survey equipment. Operate high-end LEICA Robotic Surveying Equipment Process and analyse surveyed data Pick up strong technical skills to lead a Team
  • Category : Government Sector/Civil Service, Electrical/Electronics, Maintenance, Structural/Civil
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm, Contract)

You will be part of the team to spearhead the planning and design development of railway projects. You will conduct engineering feasibility studies, plan and develop the railway scheme, alignment and trackwork, safeguard rail corridors and design review o
  • Category : Government Sector/Civil Service, Structural/Civil, IT-Management
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm, Contract)

You will work with business analysts, development teams, project team and stakeholders to provide technical design and solutions to implement business and system requirements and/or enhancements to the system, as well as system security solutions/controls
  • Category : Electrical/Electronics, Mechatronics
  • Job Nature : Entry (Perm)

Job Responsibilities You have the drive and character to crave a career for yourself, but you only need an opportunity to gain industry experience. This position is for you. Under a mentorship program, we will provide you with on-the-job tra
  • Category : Government Sector/Civil Service, Maintenance, IT-Administration, IT-Management
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Contract)

Information Technology IT systems form the backbone of our operations. We are looking for individuals with passion and IT expertise, to help us improve the delivery of our systems and services. The Board’s IT systems support a high daily vo
  • Category : Automotive, Electrical/Electronics, Industrial & Production, Mechanical
  • Job Nature : Entry (Perm)

Report to design manager Design precision plastic injection mold Discuss and liaise with customer Prepare the DFM(design for manufacturing) Improve/correct the existed mold Expedite quality design within reasonable lead time Requirement:
  • Category : Customer Service, Sales Support/Coordination, Training, Mechanical
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Perm, Contract)

Job Purpose The purpose of this role is to provide administrative support to the course training for construction industrial and carrying out of its training programme and to contribute to the wider organisation with reception and office administration
  • Category : Building/Construction, Structural/Civil, Transportation/Shipping, Maritime
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Perm)

Create heavy lift & Transportation drawings Produce crane positioning, rigging details and arrangement Draw stowage plan, sea fastening plan, load out plan, Lifting plan, jacking and skidding plan Model 3D drawings for cargoes, cranes, trailers,
  • Category : Sales Support/Coordination, Automotive, Mechanical, Brand/Product Management
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Perm)

COMPANY OVERVIEW: BS Technology is the industrial leading company providing sales, rental & services of various range of equipment for the construction, infrastructure, power plant, transportation, cleaning, facility management, aviation, shipping,
  • Category : Architecture, Oil & Gas, Transportation/Shipping, Maritime
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Perm)

Job Purpose Responsible in design, develop, and evaluate the operation of marine vessels, ship machinery, and related equipment, such as power supply and propulsion systems Duties and Responsibilities Perform vessel / barge intact &a
  • Category : Government Sector/Civil Service, Maintenance, IT-Administration, IT-Software/Development
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

As trustee of the nation’s retirement savings, the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board helps 3.8 million CPF members save for their retirement, healthcare and housing needs. Every CPF Ambassador plays a vital role in helping Singaporeans save for a s
  • Category : Government Sector/Civil Service, Electrical/Electronics, Maintenance, Structural/Civil
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm, Contract)

You will plan and coordinate the administration and regulation regime for control of works on public streets. You will be involved in instituting procedures, standards and requirements to ensure roads and road related facilities are structurally and opera
  • Category : Government Sector/Civil Service, Principal/Management, Structural/Civil
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Contract)

The candidate should possess good technical knowledge in facilities management of a commercial building. Hands-on experience in handling large M&E systems is essential to ensure the smooth operation of all critical equipment. Work with the manag
  • Category : Electrical/Electronics, IT-Management, IT-Software/Development, Troubleshoot
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

The candidate would need to: Design algorithm and flowcharts based on business requirements Writing reusable and efficient PHP code according to specifications Build functional program in the internet application and/or mobile web view applicati
  • Category : Multimedia/Web, Electrical/Electronics, IT-Software/Development, Research & Development (R&D)
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Perm)

Job Descriptions: Work on SoC architecture discussion and optimization with architect; SoC integration; system block development, eg, power management, clock/reset, system register, test control, pinmux, etc; Work on SoC floorplan wit

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