The Air Force Spirit

"To be a first class air force made up of world class people."

Coupled with our first class professionals are state-of-the-art aircraft and technology. Together, they make us what we are today – a first world air force.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Pilot - Intelligence Officer (Air Intelligence)

As an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Pilot - Intelligence Officer (Air Intelligence), you will be trained to operate UAVs for the SAF's missions, and lead a team of UAV professionals to acquire and analyse vital intelligence. As our eyes in the skies, you enable us to see further while perceiving more, making your intuition to cover every angle integral to our Nation’s protection.

Starting Salary:

  • $2,420 - $6,060


  • Eyesight not more than 800 degrees per eye
  • Astigmatism not more than 200 degrees per eye
  • Height between 1.62m and 1.90m