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As a recognised employer of choice, we place high importance in developing our people and creating a strong learning culture within the organisation. This is complemented by a strong talent management system to ensure all employees have well-defined development and career roadmaps that provide opportunities for them to fulfil their career aspirations.

Job Openings

Your role at NTUC First Campus will be an important one. Here, you will transform your aspirations for creating positive educational opportunities for all children, regardless of social background, into inspiration for the children.

Whether as a teacher, leader or specialist, your contribution toward their education and future, will be vital.

Listed below are the openings currently available at NTUC First Campus. To apply for a position, or enquire about a job that isn’t listed, simply contact us via email at

Chinese Childcare Teacher




  • 学前教育大专文凭
  • 沟通及关系营造能力强
  • 有团队精神并对启迪幼小生命充满热忱
  • 在修读新加坡学前教育大专课程并于6个月内毕业者均可报名申请

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